Our Faculty

Jacqueline Hassanzadeh

EC and ES French Teacher

At WES Since: 2002

What is your philosophy on teaching?
I believe in nurturing and encouraging the lifelong learning of my students. I also want to be able to help my students overcome adversity.

What is one of your goals as a teacher?
I am always assessing my teaching methods and looking to improve to ensure the highest quality experience for my students.

I am a native French speaker who relocated to the DC metro area shortly after earning my bachelor’s degree from College Universitaire Saint Andre, Issy, in Les Moulineaux, France. I have been teaching French to DC-area children for decades. I previously taught at the Maret School, Washington International School, Holy Trinity School, the Owl School, American University’s BCIU Institute, and Little Jack Horner School. I am passionate about my job and try to make the work as interesting and as exciting as possible for my students. I hope to instill in them a lifelong love for the French language and culture. I am also proficient in Spanish and enjoy tennis, traveling, cycling, horseback riding, and cooking.