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Meet the WES Faculty

From Nursery through Middle School, our talented, caring, and devoted faculty provide classroom instruction and so much more. With more than 50% of our faculty with advanced degrees and a student to teacher ratio of 7 to 1, our teachers can provide students with the individual attention to best ensure they succeed.

They are also role models and coaches. They give needed hugs, extra help with science fair projects, and encouragement with math word problems. Relationships between students and teachers last long after WES graduation; it is not unusual for alumni to return and visit during holidays and college breaks! 

Meet some of WES's faculty so that you can get a sense of the kindness, character, and credentials that they encompass.        

Mrs. Linda Durling
Middle School History & Geography Teacher

Mrs. Caterina Earle
Middle School Science Teacher
2014 Bethesda Magazine's Top Teachers in Bethesda, MD 

Early Childhood and Elementary Science Teacher & Coach
2014 Winner of the Shirley J. Lowrie "Thank You For Teaching" Award for Montgomery County Independent Schools

Mrs. Dawn Harding
Nursery Teacher
2017 Washington Post Teacher of the Year Finalist

Middle School Spanish Teacher

2014 recipient of the National Spanish Examinations Teacher Study Abroad Scholarship for Spain 

Grade 1 Teacher
Middle School Math

Elementary & Middle School Art Teacher

Outside Voices on the PreK/K-8 Model

"National studies show the advantages of PS-8 and K-8 schools for students at all grade levels. The continuity of teachers, classmates, programs, and expectations appears to enhance academic, social, and emotional development for students leading to greater academic achievement and improved self-esteem and confidence. Middle school students typically behave differently in a K-8 setting, serving as role models and protectors as opposed to having to establish new reputations and social relationships at a socially vulnerable time. This continuity is also highly beneficial academically, as middle school students are taught by teachers who know them and where support is needed and where stretch should be encouraged (Columbia University/EducationNext Report, 2010, National Middle School Association Study, Lou Cozolino in-service 2014)."

The Middle School Plunge
By Martin R. West and Guido Schwerdt 

“If I could design psychologically safe schools, every elementary school in the United States would go from kindergarten through grade eight and would be no larger than four hundred children.”

From Best Friends, Worst Enemies
By Michael Thompson, PhD, psychologist and best-selling author


"Knowing that middle schoolers, even eighth graders, are still the children who played tag at recess a mere three or four years before, is not infantilizing, but humanizing to the young adolescent".

New York Times: Why K-8 Schools May Be Better For Middle School Students 
By Claire Needell Hollander




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