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Below are memories shared by the community touched by our teacher, coach, mentor and friend Deighton Alleyne.  Please click here to submit your own memory.

Ali Bratun September 10, 2014

It has been a pleasure and a privilege for our family to know Deighton for 15 years. He is beloved for many reasons: his caring and intuitive nature, his capacity for joy, his sincerity. He leaves us with many gifts and memories, such as the five paragraph essay to the Poetry Slam ("My Daddy Has a Caddy"), the Auction Scavenger Hunts, incredible cooking, impromptu performances on stage at Summer at WES (Soul Train, Green Acres), surprise cameo appearances during Musicals, and staying up late to email me the latest photos from Utah. I will miss our Monday morning Eagles/Redskins exchanges, and his ever-present smile. He was a unique treasure for WES, and for all whose lives he touched. He will forever remain in our hearts.

Andy White September 10, 2014

Words cannot began to express the depth of my sorrow at the passing of my friend Deighton.  I have recently been telling people that as opposed to that old saying, "if you can't do, teach", my version is, "if you can't teach, support a teacher".  It has been my honor over the past 4 years to support Deighton in his classroom and on the Utah trip.  The students joke about the number of times Mr. A would call me to his class, but truth be told, if I had needed to loosen a few cables occasionally to have an excuse to visit I would have done so, to see a master educator doing what he was called to do.  For me, he was a living example of the things that makes WES the unique and special place it is, and his passing has left a hole that will be exceedingly slow to fill.  My only solace is that the community of WES, that Deighton helped to build, has the grace, compassion and wisdom to build on his example.

Jon Bazemore September 11, 2014

I came to know Deighton slowly as my daughter progressed from Nursery to 6th (now 7th) grade. I would see Mr. A in the hallway standing by his classroom door in the morning welcoming his class and encouraging a speedy entrance into the room for the day to begin. With a booming, energetic, passionate, dedicated personality, Deighton set the bar high for us all (himself, students, faculty, parents, etc.), and providing the faith, love, and support allowing us to reach and even extend the bar height. Last year I came to know Deighton much better. Deighton led my daughter and other 6thgraders on a journey of transformation which naturally occurs at the child’s age, but was so much more enhanced, explored and experienced with Deighton’s guidance, encouragement, and passion. Deighton was in many ways a personification of WES. As we can all witness, our WES community is very strong, yet a family member has been lost which is difficult to bear. Deighton lives on in all of us. He celebrated life and I for one will be forever grateful for his role as a leader at WES, my daughter’s teacher, and a friend.

Eric Chalfin September 11, 2014

Ten years ago I taught my first math class ever to a group of eight graders who didn't know what to expect from a newly graduated engineering student.  Deighton, the all-time favorite teacher of many of the students in the room, entered right at the beginning of class, not to “observe” me, but to support me.  After the class he told me I had great energy and not to lose that aspect of my teaching.  He never stopped supporting and teaching me for the six years I spent at WES and he always had a big smile and a hug when I came back to visit.  Chaperoning the eighth grade trip to the Chesapeake Bay with Deighton was a highlight of the year for me.  Seeing him marshmuck was one of my fondest memories, along with seeing his eyes widen as they brought the crabs out for dinner on the second night.  His voice and laugh are forever etched into my mind.  Deighton was a role model for me as a teacher and for all of his students. 

Mehdi Elkassem September 23, 2014

Thank you Dear Deighton. 
Thank you Dear friend and thank you dear brother. 
Thank you God for giving me Deighton in my life in the last 14 years. The beautiful and the indescribable Alleyne seeds that he planted in my heart and my soul have grown to have such deep, healthy and happy roots of TRUE friendship that will always be an influential and an immense part in my life. Thank you!

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